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Awakening Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Awakening Conference being sanctioned by any church or denomination?

NO.  The Zumbrota Awakening Conference is being organized and led by Jeff Bremer and PRAY Zumbrota.  While some churches are encouraging their members to attend, this conference is not sanctioned by any one church or group of churches.

Is it possible to come to just part of the conference?

YES.  However, the conference will be progressive in nature, each session building off the previous session.  The morning session will be setting set the stage for all the following sessions.  The conference will culminate in the evening session.

Is there a deadline for registering for the conference?

YES.  If you are planning to take in the free lunch, it is important that you register by Wednesday, April 27th so we know how people we will be feeding.

The conference looks like a long day, will there be any breaks?

YES.  The conference is a full day but it will be so engaging that the day will go very fast.  Besides the lunch and supper breaks there will be other breaks between speakers.

Is the conference open to people outside Zumbrota as it is called the "Zumbrota" Awakening Conference?

YES.  While the primary purpose for this conference is to unify and ingite the Body of Christ in Zumbrota, those outside Zumbrota are welcome to come.  We will be spending a brief amount of time talking about Zumbrota and ways people can engage here.

How is this conference being funded?

This conference is being funded by FreedomOne Enterprises of which PRAY Zumbrota is an initiative of.  However, any gifts are welcomed and appreciated.  Go to the Ways to Give page to learn more.  There will be an opportunity at the conference for a freewill offering as well.

What is the "ministry time" mentioned in the schedule all about?

There will be times at the conference, especially at the end, where some of our speakers will be available, along with other gifted prayer individuals, to pray for you.