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JULIE BREMER - Intercessor

Julie and her husband Jeff have been actively involved in some form of ministry for most of their marriage.  Julie works as a registered nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  She has a servant's heart and a passion for people.  Much of her time outside of work is spent serving in some capacity behind the scenes whether it's in a ministry capacity or out baling hay on their farm, FreedomOne Farms.  While serving behind the scenes is where her comfort zone has always been, God has drawn Julie into more of a prophetic ministry role, specifically in the area of praying for, and encouraging others.  Julie has a powerful testimony of overcoming fear, doubt and negative thinking in her own life which has given her a special heart for those with similar struggles.  Along with her prophetic gifting, God has blessed Julie with the gift of encouragement which she uses to help others to rise above self doubt and step into their personal callings.

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