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FAQs on FreedomOne

If you have any questions that are not answered below please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing info@FreedomOne.cc.

Is FreedomOne affiliated or associated with a particular religious denomination?

NO.  FreedomOne is not affiliated or associated with any particular church or religious denomination but works in unity with other parts of the Body of Christ.

What is meant by "The Great Harvest" in the tagline and mission statement?

This is question addressed in detail on the Understanding the Times page.

Is FreedomOne regionally-based?

While FreedomOne is based out of Minnesota and many of the Freedom Initiatives and Enterprises may be more local, FreedomOne has a global vision and will serve anywhere in the world as the Lord leads.

Why the name FreedomOne?

As Jeff Bremer was praying about a name he had a dream and saw a banner unfurled before him with the name "FreedomOne" one on it.  The theme from Isaiah 61:1, a scripture key to FreedomOne's mission, is freedom.

What does the ".cc" domain extension mean?

The ".cc" domain extension used in FreedomOne.cc is a generic top level domain extension available for use.  We choose to think of it representing "Christ Centered".

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